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Hear directly from some of our favorite stars about why Cameo is the perfect platform to connect with fans, make someone’s day, earn some extra cash or even raise money for a worthy cause—Cameo can help you create magical moments that go the extra mile.
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Earn money easier.

“It’s simple, it's quick, and being accessible actually says that you care about your fans."

Kate Flannery
Actress, "The Office"

Inspire your fans.

“I went from playing on the football field to giving people the ability to carry on. Cameo gives us all that. I think you guys will really appreciate what it does for you, your legacy, and most importantly, your spirit."

Ray Lewis
NFL Hall of Famer, Baltimore Ravens

Build stronger connections.

“Connecting with people on this level is badass and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Cameo family."

T.J. Lavin
BMX rider & "The Challenge" Host

Support great causes.

"The way that I've been able to connect with fans and be able to raise so much money for different charities has been incredible"

Lance Bass
Musician, N'SYNC

Make someone's day.

"It makes me feel very good to know that people want to hear from me and that I have an ability to make them feel good"

Dionne Warwick
Grammy Award Winning Singer

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