Work with top brands looking for top talent

Cameo for Business is quick, easy and profitable.

Command a higher price

The money doesn’t lie. Brands will pay a higher price for Business Cameos, so you’ll get a lot more in return for your time.

Record from where you want

No need to go on-set, on-stage, or in the studio. Everything happens on your time and your schedule.

Get more requests

It’s all about momentum. The more Business Cameos you complete, the happier the customers, the more requests you will receive.

Cameo for Business allows you to work with world-class brands at scale, directly on or off the app. From marketing campaigns, employee recognition, and even live or virtual events—it’s all here. Get ready to unlock more creative opportunities with awesome brands.

How it Works

Set your Price
Get Requests
Complete the request

Best Practices

It’s all in the details

Make sure to check out the company’s webpage on the request screen if you haven’t heard of them and need more info.

Ask all the questions

If the Business request is not clear, or you need more direction—send a message to the customer just like in other Cameo Video requests, or feel free to reach out to your Cameo Rep.

Set up for success

Watch out for any background noises and other distracting elements when completing your requests. Make sure there are no visible logos (including on clothes).

It's your show

Interested in only doing Business Cameos? Tailor your availability in your settings to what works for you.

It's not that serious

Have fun! Brands want to see your personality shine through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content do brands want?
How do I know if it's a business request?
How do I change my price?
What requests will I receive in the app?
How do I change my availability?
What is the Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program?

Marketing Requests FAQ

How do I make money from marketing requests?
How will I know how a company is using the marketing video I create?
How does pricing work for marketing requests?
How should I price myself for marketing requests?
What is the maximum amount of time a customer can use the marketing video I create?
What if I want to decline a request / what if i don’t want to extend the license?
What if my Business Cameo is misused outside of where its supposed to?
Can I look more into the business before I decide?

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Madden NFL
Reddi Wip
Mattress Firm
Hippo Insurance
Bud Light