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Cameo for Business x SAG-AFTRA Agreement

I’m a member of SAG-AFTRA. Can I participate in Cameo for Business?

Yes! Cameo worked with SAG-AFTRA to create the SAG-AFTRA Talent-Produced Cameo for Business Agreement (the “C4B x SAG-AFTRA Agreement”) specifically to allow SAG-AFTRA talent to fulfill brand deals on Cameo. See more information below and from SAG-AFTRA here.

How does it work?

The SAG-AFTRA x C4B Agreement allows your business entity (LLC or Corporation) to act as the employer and SAG-AFTRA signatory. After you’ve accepted a request to provide a Business Cameo Video, you can email us at talentsuccess@cameo.com to send you a C4B Brief showing the information SAG-AFTRA needs to cover the deal. 

Once you submit that C4B Brief to the SAG-AFTRA Cameo for Business submission portal, SAG-AFTRA staff will review your project and, after vetting, send you confirmation that your deal is covered and provide you with instructions on how to remit Pension & Health (P&H) contributions. That’s it!

What P&H rate will I  pay? 

The C4B x SAG-AFTRA Agreement requires contributions on at least 30% of your talent fee at the Commercials Contract P&H rate (currently 20.5%). That translates to P&H contributions equal to 6.15% of your talent fee. So, for example: if you are paid $10,000 for a Cameo for Business deal, you’ll be required to make P&H contributions on 30% of that amount, or $3,000, so your P&H contribution will be $615. The C4B Brief will include a separate line item of your P&H contribution for your convenience.

What about license extensions?

P&H contributions apply at the same rate to license extensions. As you earn more on your Business Cameo Video, you can request an updated C4B Brief, provide it to SAG-AFTRA and pay P&H on the additional compensation.

Can I change my Business Price?

Yes! Please set your Cameo for Business price inclusive of your P&H contribution, and the brand can then effectively cover that cost as part of your booking. 

Do all my Cameo for Business deals qualify?

The C4B x SAG-AFTRA Agreement was designed to track Cameo’s licensing terms so the vast majority of deals will qualify. Your C4B Brief will note specifically if the brand is permitted to compile your Business Cameo Video with video(s) from other talent, which is not permitted under the C4B x SAG-AFTRA Agreement.   SAG-AFTRA staff can confirm if other unique situations apply that might cause a C4B deal not to be covered. If you need to go in a different direction, you’ll have assistance and support every step of the way.

Do my personal Cameo Videos need to be covered by the SAG-AFTRA x C4B Agreement?

No, personal Cameo Videos for non-commercial purposes do not need to be covered. The SAG-AFTRA x C4B Agreement is only for your Business Cameo Videos.

How long do I have to submit the C4B Brief to SAG-AFTRA after completing the Business Cameo Video?

We recommend you submit your C4B Brief as soon as possible and no later than 15 days from fulfilling the booking.

Do I need to have an LLC, corporation or similar business entity?

Yes, you will need to have a business entity to use this agreement. You can have this entity tied to your payment account on Cameo, but this is not required.

Who do I talk to if I have further questions?

You can email talentsuccess@cameo.com or if you’d like to chat to SAG-AFTRA directly, you can email C4B@sagaftra.org.