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Thinking about joining Cameo? You’ve come to the right place

Cameo makes it easy to earn money whether you’re donating to charity, paying off the mortgage on your house, or fund your creative endeavors?

The Rundown:

You take 70% we take 30%*

You set your price and get paid per request. 

*About Apple Tax

Don’t just take our word for it, hear directly from celebs just like you.

“It’s simple, it's quick, and being accessible actually says that you care about your fans."

Kate Flannery
Actress, The Office

"It makes me feel very good to know that people want to hear from me and that I have an ability to make them feel good"

Dionne Warwick
Grammy Award Winning Singer

"The way that I've been able to connect with fans and be able to raise so much money for different charities has been incredible"

Lance Bass
Musician, N'SYNC
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Getting started is easy.

You can set up and start connecting with fans in under 2 minutes.

Set up your profile

Make sure to include a bio, fans want to know about you. Include your nickname or names of characters you played, TV shows and movies you’ve been in, your hit songs and albums, and anything else your fans would know you for.

Set your price

Start at a lower price to make yourself accessible to fans. You can change your price in the app as your demand increases.

Fulfill your requests

You have 4 days to fulfill your requests, so you can do them on your on schedule. Fulfill your requests before they expire so your fans will have a positive experience, tell their friends, and come back for more.

Share your Cameo goals with us

We can customize your experience to meet your goals. Whether it’s about making as much money as possible, or how to maximize your limited time on Cameo.


Cameo Videos

Create fan shoutouts for any occasion.

Record personalized videos based on their requests.
Set your price and keep 70% of your earnings.
Complete their request within 4 days.

Work with top brands at scale.

Command a higher price

The money doesn’t lie. Brands will pay a higher price for Business Cameos, so you’ll get a lot more in return for your time.

Record from where you want

No need to go on-set, on-stage, or in the studio. Everything happens on your time and your schedule.

Directly connect with brands

We’re connecting you directly with the world’s leading brands for quick-hit, highly-profitable campaigns.

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Our recent acquisition of Represent means we can now help you create both physical and digital products and create memorable moments for more fans across the globe.

How it Works

  • We design your products

  • We create your online store

  • We include a link to your store in your Cameo profile

  • Fans purchase your products

  • We print and ship

  • You get paid

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A virtual venue that brings you closer to your fans.

There are lots of live event platforms out there. But there’s nothing like Cameo LIVE.

  • Host global ticketed live events with your fans, from anywhere.

  • Give your superfans a VIP experience

  • Create an authentic event–it doesn’t always have to be a production

  • Earn money faster doing what you do best

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Requests you'll get

Pep talks
Birthday messages
Special requests
and more...

See how much you can make

Cameos only take minutes to create. Enter your price and see how much you can earn in no time.

If I'm priced at $ and complete cameos,
I can earn in minutes.


How do I get started?
How do I make the best intro video?
How should I set my price?
What is 24 hour delivery?
Social best practices
How do I get paid?
I’m a member of SAG-AFTRA. Can I participate in Cameo for Business?
Referral Program
How do donations work?

The fastest way to raise money for charity from home 

Cameo Cares allows you to raise thousands of dollars with just minutes of your time.

Connect with your fans while raising money for a cause you care about. You’ll raise awareness by thanking your fans and letting them know how much their donation means to you.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  • Create your Cameo Profile

  • Choose your charity and the % of earnings you want to donate

  • Let the requests roll in!

Join others who have raised tons of money for causes close to their heart.

  • Drew Brees raised $360k for Brees Dream Foundation

  • Sarah Jessica Parker raised $40k for NYC Ballet

  • Carrie Underwood raised $15k for ACM Lifting Lives


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